Le Maupas A.R.

Artists Residency for ceramic art & design

Facilities and accommodation.

Ceramic Studio


Electric kiln 85 x 85 x 120 cm,
Electric kiln 65 x 65 x 150 cm, 
Electric kiln 60 x 60 x 80 cm, 
2 test kilns, 
Gas kiln 80 x 60 x 150 cm, 
All kilns are computer controlled and fine tuned.

Clay pletter, 
Mixer for plastic clay, 
Mixer for liquid clay, 
Small extruder, 
Glaze laboratory with raw materials and 50 different pigments,
Different sorts of clay in stock.



Photo: Lorette Dorreboom



Photo: Lorette Dorreboom


Designer Studio

Electric wheel
Vertical plaster lathe, 
Modest silkscreen facilities, 
Metal circular saw, 
Drill/fraise with cross table, 
Welding equipment,
Various (electric) hand tools for sculpting, 
Workbench, worktables, 
Pallet lifter, pully (500 kg)


3 Guest rooms: 2 rooms of 40 m2 and 1 room with a sideroom total 40 m2. The rooms could be used as bedroom/clean studio. All rooms with wireless internet.
Common modern kitchen including a large stove and dishwasher. 
Common bathroom with bath and shower. 
Central heating in the bedrooms and underfloor heating in the kitchen and bathroom. 
Scullery including another shower, was
hing machine and dryer. 

Library/presentation room.    (under construction)