Le Maupas A.I.R.

Artist Residency for ceramic art & design

Projects and their artists

Irene Kopelman (Arg) - The Levy's Flight



Jennifer Tee (NL) Floortiles Beatrix Postkantoor Photo: Hein Hage

Jennifer Tee (NL) Floortiles (detail) Photo: Hein Hage

Dok van Winsen (NL) - couch

Esther Jiskoot (NL)

Anook Visser (NL) - "Starters"

Rein Jelle Terpstra (NL) - porcelain foliage Photo by the artist

Nick Renshaw (UK)

Matthew Lutz Kinoy & Natsuko Uchino Keramikos

Iet Kortschot (NL) - Bamboo Photo by the artist

Jennifer Tee (NL) - practical magic

Anama Ponce Vazquez (ES) - Gruta

Arlette Kaper (NL) - Seads

Peter de Graaff (NL) Streettiles

Hartmut Wilkening

Janine Schimkat (NL) Braincoral

Eylem Aladogan (NL) - Abyss New York

Iet Kortschot (NL) - Moving Parts-pushing Photo by the artist

Marcel Pinas (SR) - A libi

Naro Snackey (NL) - The Source

Sanja Medic (NL) De Batavier 12 x 4 mtr

Maura Biava (IT) Gwen, Naturebeauty

Feiko Beckers (NL) Things I once believed in, that I then stopped believing in and that I now believe in again Glazed texts on ceramic plates variable dimensions

Jennifer Tee (NL) - practical magic

Irene Kopelman (AR) porcelain                       
Glaciers and Avalanches                                  


Jennifer Tee (NL) - The MarquePodium, Cambridge