Le Maupas A.R.

Artists Residency for ceramic art & design


There are no formal requirements for the residency.

 Application Deadline:  On request

Residence season: from April 1st untill Octobre 31

 Application Guidelines and Criteria:

Le Maupas A.R. is a production center for professional artists of all disciplines. We expect to receive a plan of action proposed by the artist. The artistic quality, the attainability, the size and the duration of the residency will be determined based on this plan in a consult with the artist. If you are interested in a residence period at Le Maupas A.R., please send us a brief description of your work plan (one A4 maximum), the facilities you require, visual documentation and contact details.

This information will enable us to see if your activities fit within the residency.

Send you email to:  mail@lemaupas.eu