Le Maupas A.R.

Artists Residency for ceramic art & design

Interesting Sights:


Le Maupas is situated ± 200 km south-east from Paris in the Burgundy region (Cote d'Or) at the east side of national park ''The Morvan''; an area filled with lakes and forests. The town of Saulieu, described as the culinary capital of the Burgundy region, is 15 KM away. The old cities Avallon and Vezelay can be found west of Le Maupas, just as the Nievre; a large clay area with towns such as St. Amand and La Borne. An important ceramics center is situated in La Borne, just as a dozen ceramics workrooms. The area on the east side of Le Maupas is a rural area where grazing cows can be found as well as the famous wine regions close to Beaune and Dijon. The beautiful city Autun can be visited south of Le Maupas.




Photo: Lorette Dorreboom